Zenkar Advertising is a name that is synonymous with advertising. We are renowned for our attention grabbing campaigns the spectrum and reach of which is literally unlimited.


We understand that all brands, at given point of time, have to be in digital space, may be a simple static website or a full-fledged digital campaign. An effective digital marketing activity is the key to success.


We belive in creating perception among the target group by creating well defined message along with visuals. Making our target group experience the brand value through various conventional and innovative media.


We create design elements starting colours to fonts to alignment to tone to anything in communication collaterals would make the target group experience the brand value. It could be a name, trademark or its position.


We specialize in creating radio jingles that are bound to become anthems. Our team of experts deliver to you the best when it comes to radio jingles, making sure that your brand echoes not just on airwaves but all over town.


We are master blenders when it comes to combining creative, technical and logistical elements that makes an event a grand success. This includes event design, audio-visual production, scriptwriting, logistics, and so on.